Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deliciously Despicable

Don't you just love when impromptu catch ups transform into a lovely evening? My darling friend V and I caught up over milkshakes and muffins. We then popped on our 3D glasses and sat ourselves amongst a cinema full of 6 year olds to watch Despicable Me.

Normally I know exactly what I'm paying to see. But we were pushed for time and were feeling fairly easy with anything. I was surprised to see that the films central character is an ugly, intolerable greedy man named Gru. I had to keep reminding myself that it is aimed at children and not to pick away at the story too much. There was a moment where it had swerved off track so much that I was baffled why I hadn't noticed it much earlier.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy Shit I Wish These Were Mine

You probably think I just flogged these amazing pick-a-matures off a random website like weheartit.com without acknowledging the owner. But I like to give credit where it's due. More so when the artist is one of my beautiful and ultra talented friends.

When Loren isn't clicking away awesomeness, she studies Visual Design and manages her brand spankin' new wesbite to showcase her amazing versatility and style. Plus, she has a kitten named Ziggy Stardust. Rad. We've spent the weekend together eating, drinking, swapping ideas for an upcoming 50's rockabilly photoshoot that yours truly shall be modelling in and watching some fantastic films including The Runaways.

Did anyone enjoy this flick as much as we did? I adored its grittiness and experimental approach. Kristen Stewart kicked ass as iconic Joan Jett and my budding photographer friend and I decided that we simply need to, nay, MUST wear more leather.

If you wanna check out more of Lorens skills, I highly suggest you follow her blog Obscur Photography. Oh and following her on her brand new Twitter obscur_fotos has scientifically been proven to increase chances of mind blowing sex. Just sayin.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

all apologies

Where the eff have I been?! Can I just start by saying you're all absolutely amazing for continuing to follow my hot bliggity-blog and send me beautiful comments despite my absence? I owe you all lollipops. Seriously, send me your digits.
Well, Lennon got it right. Just as your making plans, fate rears its fugly face and pulls the rug out from underneath you. Things really got a bit pear shaped there, with home situations and school and oh gosh, I won't bore you, but it was beyond my control AND demanded by undivided. Double thumbs down!

But I'm back and ready to kick this around once more! Though sadly, my movie-a-day challenge has been abandoned in the mess. Forgive-ahness pah-leeze? But can I just blow my own horn for a second and say that 94 isn't that bad? Damn straight! But who else thought it was getting stifling? I want this to be fun and cool to follow and it was quickly becoming a chore.

So onward, I say! I shall continue posting film reviews, strange tangents, bizarre stories and general all round weird, crazy shit that I have a knack for encountering on a daily basis - all without the pressure of a deadline.
I hope you all enjoy the picture too. I was going for a Lindsay Lohan mugshot kind of vibe except with less cocaine and more sarcastic sentimentality. That girl cracks me up. Ha! Crack! Get it? Oh me...

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