Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be Kind, Rewind

While the rest of you neo-gadget obsessed kids rush to cinemas to view the latest screenings in 3D, I have done the polar opposite by hitting up a factory seconds store in search of an oldschool VHS player.

Blu-ray? HD? 3D? No-D!

I found my trusty little GC480W for a mere 44bucks.

Not that I have anything against restored versions of the classics, but I'm a tad impatient to sit around and wait for them to be released. (I'd much rather sit around and watch them instead!)

Gone are the days where I find near forgotten treasures like The Red Shoes, Ivan The Terrible and Alphaville crammed inbetween the shelves of 791 at uni, collecting dust. The same goes with tempting Ebay listings and JB bargain finds only to discover they're of VHS format.

Sadly, many classic videos sit alone and forgotten in opshops and movie memorabilia stores. These little dudes desperately need a home so quick sticks!

Grab yourself a VHS player and immerse yourself in the nostalgic, albeit grainy, flicks of yesteryear!



Fox Murdoch said...

I always enjoyed the buttons of a VHS compared to todays mediums. Instead of "triangle brings up the options and square goes back to the main menu.... I didn't say PUSH IT" you had play, stop, pause, forward, backwards and every 2 year olds favourite, Record.

I've got some classic ancient vids from when I was a kid, I'm talking Dinoriders, Transformers, plus a few Disney classics. And good as it is to have VHS accessibility we seldom use ours unless it's to tape a TV something.

DvDs, Xvid, Blueray and all that junk, as well as youtube and torrent downloads are the main method I see everyone using. That just makes the VHS recorders better though, now it's got "Retro cool" aspect.

Roxanne said...

VHS has a nostalgic warmth attached to it. makes watching a film that little bit more excellento!


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