Friday, August 7, 2009

Weird Addiction #34

Aside from the obvious hypnotic powers radiating from newsagencies and paper stands, I have a disturbing habit of burning a hole in my wallet each time I enter a 10metre radius of these places.

Not exactly the most logical thing to do if you're a dollar concious uni student, but my inner geek gets such a rush from these splurges that it requires, nay, insists, that this happens more often then I'd like to admit to.

There's just nothing quite like the shiny, new issue of your favourite magazine(s?) hitting the stands, a hot celebrity or model adorning the covers and big, bold, juicy type demanding your attention. (I always grab them from the back of the pile - less fingers have flicked through those issues!)

So imagine my utmost excitement when I laid eyes on the fresh new issue of Empire, the portal to all things cinema, with a bright, blazin' crest welcoming the Heroes of 2010!

Not only do I get to catch up on the new releases, but I can also peek into what's currently being filmed, despite it still being a little hush-hush. Kicking off the new decade though, is a handful of exciting features from right here in the wonderful land of Oz!

Beautiful Kate, Cedar Boys and Hugo Weaving's Last Ride are all dark, moody and broody and have been received with high regard. Let’s not forget the highly anticipated Balbio either, starring incredible Aussie actor, Anthony LaPaglia!
I wish there were more, but this is a nice start indeed!

Anyway, enough plugging the mag. Just be sure to get yourselves to the cinema and give something back to the Australian film industry.

Now, I'm off to go plant some trees in return for my sweet hoard.



Roxanne said...

i also have an obsession for magazines
and i need to watch some more Australian films pronto!

APRIL said...

Same here! But I just can't shake the feeling that Australian cinema is struggling to produce original ideas, that may be considered too challenging or risky to an American investor, let alone their market.
We have an abundance of resources and talent here. So every bit of attendance counts! :)


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