Friday, February 5, 2010

February In Flight

I honestly cannot believe January has come and gone already. It rained here yesterday. Alot. And it reminded me how even though February tries, it's never quite summer once January has flown the coop. So in remembrance, I thought it best to list the new releases I viewed at the cinema when the suns rays got a little too unbearable, aswell as a quick statement on what I thought about them.

Avatar (3D) - A film that took 5 years and $200million to make, the visuals are breathtaking, setting a new benchmark for all future sci-fis to come, despite how simple and eerily reminiscent of Pocahontas or Fern Gully the storyline may have been. 4.5/5

The Lovely Bones - Heavy, confronting subject matter following past and present storylines subvert typical mainstream cinema. The contrast between gloomy reality and Susie's personal heaven over indulge in special effects, distracting viewers from the film's central premise. 2.5/5

Sherlock Holmes - Cute, snappy humour, stunning costumes and sets, the cinematography and style is distinctly Guy Ritchie's without neglecting a tight, seamless storyline. Even if it was a step-by-step example of the 3 Acts. 3.5/5

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Gorgeous stop-motion animation complimenting the imagination of Roald Dahl with the heartwarming vision of Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums). Refreshing and witty, Clooney's suave presence makes this truly memorable, though perhaps a little difficult for youngsters to comprehend. 4.5/5

Up In The Air - Despite being in production for several years, the subject matter is timely and relevant, the film aided with several genuine interviews from the recently unemployed to give the light hearted, quirky film an angle of authenticity and grim reality. Mirroring the suave, classy demeanour of Clooney, the slinky soundtrack and glossy style is refreshing and his character amusing in his hypocrisy and stubborness when his own position becomes threatened. 4/5


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