Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Non parlo l'italiano

I’ve always appreciated the Italians for their amazing art, food, language and above all, film. What a delight it was to spend 2 hours in class learning about World Cinema, with a viewing of Martin Scorsese’s ‘Il Mio Viaggio In Italia’. The documentary covers the Neo-Realism movement that heavily influenced his own film making techniques. His passion is contagious! Tears crept to my eyes when it played a segment of The Bicycle Thief, a favourite of mine. It also covers the works of Rossellini, Visconti and Fellini. Ah! Buy me a copy of this and I will love you forever!

It was so drizzly and cold… all I wanted to do was shop for fabulous things I didn’t need. I bought an a copy of Inside Film, an amazing skirt and bag (and tights! Oh! Addicted!) then sat with Luke in his empty apartment. He’s moving and we were waiting for the carpet cleaners... so we ate hot chips and discussed big dreams.


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