Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lingering on Love Street

This is one of the most enjoyable biographical films I've ever seen. Covering the highly influencial 60's rock band The Doors, it is simply eerie how Val Kilmer so closely resembles the group's lead singer Jim Morrison.

I've held this iconic poet in my heart since childhood, their tunes humming from my dad's old radio he kept in the garage while he tinkered away on his cars. They were some of my earliest memories and I continued to indulge in their music as I grew older. I was skeptical of the movies intent, unsure if it would really do the singer any justice and give him the credit he so deserves, despite his controversial open attitude to drug addiction and the rock and roll lifestyle that naturally came with the success of being in one of the most successful bands of that era.

But the film shares with viewers the beauty and majesty of Morrison's mind and the infectious presence he had amongst his band members. Infact, Kilmer looks and sounds so alike to Mr Mojo Risin' that following the films release, the surviving members of The Doors experienced difficulty distinguishing the actor from the singer himself.

Film Count: 93 out of 365


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