Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Au Revoir, Monsieur Vampire

The bookstore in my dead-end town is so depressing. All I wanted was something enjoyable, perhaps inspiring. Classic even. Instead, there's more vampire romances than you can poke a crucifix at. There's something really wrong with men when women begin fantasizing over graveyards and the undead.

But sometimes, some stories are better told onscreen. The lovely, delicate character of Amelie would no doubt be shadowed amongst the browing papers of a forgotten book. Not to mention the breathtaking and heart warming aesthetics that make this feature a cinematic gem. Forever a classic, touching the hearts of millions.

Film Count: 92 out of 365



linda said...

love the concept of your blog btw.

just wanted to comment to say for a disappointing bookstore, what a beautiful and enticing picture.

Vancetastic said...

April, how do you decide whether to see a movie you haven't seen before, or one you already have? Are you trying to make it kind of an even distribution? I guess 365 new movies in a year might be too difficult ... it seems that a project like this requires some reliance on your own collection. You may have commented on this before but I may have missed it.

craighallam said...

Amelie - what a film. Only saw it for the first time recently. It should have been one that I've seen a million times by now. Talk about having missed out!


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