Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Set

I'm pretty darn lucky to be working alongside such vibrant, funny people on a day to day basis. Infact, if it were not for these crazy cats, the very idea of our short film Bieber Fever would have never existed. And we all know what a crime to humanity that would be. We spent most of today shooting the film and it was a race against time. We only had Matthew (playing Bieber) for a short amount of time, daylight was quickly fading and equipment needed to be returned. So I divided the script into three main scenes and filmed each as one long take, before standing off camera reading the actors their lines until they completed the shot. This meant that by the time we hit post production, we were able to easily slice out the shots we wanted in order without having to spend a tedious amount of time flicking between scenes on the unedited tape. I once read that this is how Robert Rodriguez filmed the chase scene in his early feature El Mariachi, considering that a lack of resources, extras and daylight were a problem.

By sunset, we happily called it a wrap and will be meeting in a few days to edit! We were exhausted but now we can easily see just how much effort and organisation goes into creating a single shot. I think I appreciate films even more now. Is that even possible?

Arriving home, I relaxed to the ever classic, the ever corny, Top Gun. Hailed as the biggest film of 1986, I'd have much rathered some Spielberg sci-fi to herald the year of my birth but I suppose the bodacious 80's glamrock soundtrack makes up for it. And who can say no to Val Kilmer in a towel? Exactly. Though, for some reason, I could have sworn I remembered this film being much more eventful. The story really is so simple that it's actually incredibly bland. And is it just me or is there alot of homoerotic undertones? Oh well, it sure beats Cruise's 'Cocktail'.

Film Count: 70 out of 365


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