Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

I did actually have some nice photos from today to include but it seems my laptop battery adapter has died and so I have included one of my favourite photos of John and Yoko instead. Hopefully it will inspire.

We spent a total of eight hours in the editing room today. It amazed me just how much time it took just to make a film that is just 5 minutes long. The process was long and tiring but interesting all the same. I am happy to have the hands on experience and a great team of people to work with. By the end of it though, cabin fever was beginning to set in and we were getting fed up with everyone. But we got icecream afterwards and suddenly our lives were peachy once more!

It's eerie that when I arrived home, mum handed me a copy of Memories of John Lennon, a book by Yoko, compiled of various tributes from famous artists, musicians and poets paying tribute to the late peace icon. It was beautiful. I own a few books on Lennon but this one is just so sweet to pick up every so often to remind myself that love extends life.

Little did she know that I was about to watch Nowhere Boy, a film covering the turbulent adolescent years of John before the rush of Beatlemania hit airwaves. Starring the amazing Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), it's no surprise that he won Best Newcomer for this role. Simply put, he is pitch perfect. These years saw him coming to terms with family deaths, accepting his unusual upbringing and projecting this frustration and confusion into his music, a creative outlet he shares with the then pint-sized Paul McCartney. I was struck by the complexity of his character. John is rebellious, charming and cheeky. Though bonding with his estranged mother or competing against band members sees him recede into the form of an innocent wall flower. It's here where such events dramatically shape the person in which Lennon later becomes. I hope you'll watch this one. It's really beautiful.

Film Count: 72 out of 365


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