Friday, June 25, 2010

White Flag

While on the topic of Al Pacino of late, I must mention the film I watched today, Dog Day Afternoon, which has instantly shot up as a favourite. I was blown away by the sheer magnitude and energy of the pint-sized hot headed Pacino as young Sonny who decides to rob a bank in Brooklyn one hot summer afternoon in 1972. Based on a true story, the movie won an Oscar for Best Screenplay (1975) which formed the springboard for Pacino to dive in amongst the confused, frustrated outsiders that reflected his society of the time.

Skipping a formal introduction, we find our hero at the Brooklyn Bank, only finding out small details of his past as the film progresses. A Vietnam vet trapped in his own mind of frustration and the feelings of being an outcast, Sonny directs his actions towards the minorities he connects with and against the authority he despises.

He's funny and outlandish, taking care of his hostages like family. Feeding them pizza, fixing the air conditioner and letting them watch television highlights his good intentions. He is awe of his sudden fame, showboating to the crowd of admirers as he deflects his inner problems crying "I'm dying. Everyday I'm dying."

Pacino is amazing.

Film Count: 87 out of 365


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