Sunday, June 20, 2010

Royale With Cheese

It's a rare thing when the morning after closely competes with the previous night in terms of fun and endorphin releasing enjoyment with your buddies but today couldn't have gone any smoother if I tried. Which I couldn't possibly in that state. No way.

Train hopping further into the city for breakfast lead us to seek shelter from the blinding pavement and eat greasy things while we watched a bevvy of stunning supermodels showing off the latest sky-high heels and must-have bags. Being the tech obsessed trio we were, we seemed more interested in the equipment the camera crew were using and momentarily considered asking to stand alongside and watch and learn any advice they were willing to share.

I bid my friends farewell and boarded another train to meet with the lovely Effie where we indulged in shoe shopping (Why hello, Tony Bianco) and caramel milkshakes. Yes, yes, oh yay. Mine wasn't quite $5 but I couldn't resist throwing on Pulp Fiction for the 28th millionth time and doing a half-assed twist dance of my own.

Film Count: 82 out of 365


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