Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let The Write One In

Inbetween script rewrites and storyboarding for the up and coming Beiber Fever masterpiece that some Uni friends and I will be shooting in the coming days, I took a break from work and assignments by switching my focus to The Number 23.

Have you ever noticed each time you go to hire out some movies, you find the same movies just seem to stand out each time? No? Well maybe I'm just paranoid. But I just couldn't avoid Jim Carrey's face covered in biro scrawls any longer. I had heard mixed reviews and while he is a favourite comic actor of mine, I was hesitant in viewing a role that was serious, layered and troubled. But this is what the blog is all about!

The film follows family man Walter Sparrow who becomes convinced an old, yellowed novel is mirroring events of his own life. As his obsession takes over his life in a matter of days, he uncovers dark secrets and is propelled into the theory of the number 23 - whereby, everything, somehow, is linked to this number.

I admired the experimental visual styles of storytelling - particularly when Walter's imagination runs wild and we're treated to scenes that are Noir and somewhat animated that reminds me of Sin City. The idea of 23 could have been taken to a much higher level but Hollywood's lukewarm approach to an arthouse concept was a psychological thriller that fell shy of a gripping story.

Film Count: 67 out of 365



Vancetastic said...

And a bit absurd, all the ways he's trying to find the #23, right?

But this movie does have one virtuoso sequence, where we're in his memory and the camera goes deeper and deeper into the storybook. I will rent (hire!) it again sometime just for that sequence.

April Skye said...

I know! I was expecting him to start plucking out his eyelashes and start counting those!
That friend of his hit the nail right on the head by saying "If you start looking for 23, then you will begin to see it everywhere."
It so true. I can be said about anything.

Are you referring to when Fingerling transports the viewers into his classroom? That was so artistically done. The girls white apartment was very cool also!

April Skye xx


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