Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Key to Happiness

Inbetween packing my bags and getting ready for a big weekend, I watched The Skeleton Key which didn't sit very well with me. Interestingly, Kate Hudson had removed herself from the romcom stigma and experimented with a darker film exploring a mysterious family secret buried within an old mansion. Sounds a little old hat doesn't it? Well before you completely disregard this one, the story was actually quite unique, drawing on superstitions and voodoo magic. However, it's delivery was the downfall. Perhaps it was around the time that Caroline (Hudson) threw herself into a canoe that just so happened to be lying in the front yard and frantically paddled down a river to escape the gunshots of a senile old woman. That or the sprinkling of red dirt on doorways that actually prevented the bad guys from entering a room. I'll have to remember that next time I'm writing a script and can't figure out how to make it trumps for the good guy.

My weekend instantly picked up the moment I hit the road though! Some nights are just brilliant from start to finish, forging memories that will forever remain in your mind and instantly bring a smile to your face. We hit the city tonight to celebrate the birthday of gorgeous Kelly with cosmopolitans, sponge cake and a whole lot of laughter! Roxanne and I then joined the que at Britpop to indulge in beers and Oasis tunes all night before being snapped up by the photographers and conversing with a quirky bunch of boys from all corners of the globe.

Film Count: 88 out of 365



Roxanne said...

fucking grand night.

linda said...

oh man, completely forgot about this movie (unsurprising). thanks for conjuring up disappointing memories ;)

a lot of horror/scary movies disappoint.

some good ones i've enjoyed:

- the decent
- the orphan
- tale of two sisters (korean)


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