Monday, June 21, 2010

Flying High

Today was fabulous for a number of reasons. But mainly, it was because I handed in my very last assignment for the semester. Hello, holidays!

Today's movie was escapism at it's best. I wanted nothing more than to set fire to my textbooks and throw the laptop out the window. Rioting or celebrating, you take your pick. But popping Moon instead seemed a lot less damaging and wouldn't exactly create a criminal record. Basically, it was win from the start.

Directed by Duncan Jones (that's David Bowie's son for all you non-hipsters) as his debut film, Moon charters the loneliness surrounding Sam Bell, a curious character played by Sam Rockwell, who is nearing the end of his 3 years of solitude in space, farming a precious resource used to sustain energy on Earth. His only company arrives in the form of satellite messages from his wife and daughter, and that of onboard computer GERTY, voiced by the legendary Kevin Spacey.

I don't want to expand on this anymore as I'd hate to spoil any of the magic that Jones has delivered. Rockwell is amazing, considering he is the life and soul of the entire film, able to carry and sustain our focus for the films duration. His character explores the depth of loneliness, paranoia or playful quirks such as miniature model making and tending to his plants. Though Sam quickly becomes to suspect GERTY and he learns more about his mission and himself than he ever thought possible.

Film Count: 83 out of 365


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Vancetastic said...

My favorite film of 2009. Glad you liked it too.


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