Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jagged Little Pill

Coffees, music, magazines and pillows. I heart lazy sundays. I needed to recharge my batteries so a wind down is a great pick-me-up :)

Today I watched The Illustrated Family Doctor, an Australian film released in 2005. I was pleasantly surprised to see it starred husky voiced Samuel Johnson.

The movie is a bleak look at the little life of Gary Kelp (Johnson) who plays an unfulfilled office worker. He spends his days editing a medical manual, gradually becoming physically ill as he is forced to stare at the gruesome photos for hours on end. Irony and black humour shape the story in which Gary defines himself as a minor character. He sees no escape from the claustrophobic working world that we can all relate to. Darkly entertaining, the film is reflects current industries with faceless higher powers and the crippling effects of downsizing.

Film Count: 68 out of 365



Geneviève said...

That is a pretty amazing pictorial! I larve your blog. How lovely ♥

Geneviève said...

Oh and your banner is quite awesome, might I add. ;)

April Skye said...

Thankyou oh so much for your lovely words! You really are a gem! <3 This means alot to me :)

April Skye xx


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