Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I was so looking forward to showing all of you some photos of my scrapbooking skills for my Acting Journal today ~ I really went all out so hopefully it'll be a refreshing sight to the tired eyes of my teacher. But sadly, I forgot to take photos! So I want you to imagine something really adorable. And then times it by fifty three. That should about do it!

Can you believe that already half the year has whooshed past? It's beginning to scare me how quickly time flies. So that's why I believe every decision you make should be a positive one. But, sometimes, life can get in the way and you may find yourself swimming against the tide just to make it through the day. This is alot like Love and Other Catastrophes, a cute Australian film on a very slim budget. It follows a quirky bunch of teens through their day at University, as they battle with crushes, breakups, awkward social moments and the occasional dead teacher. Filmed in 1996, it has a very garage rock soundtrack and features the classic Kim Gyngell as the Professor who tries to teach his film students of the iconic works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Film Count: 63 out of 365


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