Sunday, June 13, 2010

Counting Headlights

On the way to Jono's house, slightly hungover, the smell of smoke whispered from yesterdays jacket. The trains were down for trackwork so we had to all pile onto a bus. Which was kinda cosy because gritty 70's hits crackled from the old speakers and I was sort of secretly hoping for an Almost Famous tiny dancer moment. I happened to sit next to a guy named Anthony. He was tall and lanky and he was wearing a concert entry wristband from the night before. A few jokes about the bus later, we were in full flight of a conversation about music, movies and (somehow) coles frozen food. The trip zoomed by and before I knew it, it was time to go. I bid my new friend farewell and I climbed off the bus. My head spun at the fresh smell of the sea.

Nestling down to watch Boondock Saints 2 (We had seen the first one a while back), Jono was adamant about the benefits of Blu-Ray. I'm not convinced. There's something about the way it robs the sense of illusion, making me an aware spectator, too distracted by the now noticable pores and every line digging into the characters I'm watching. Call me old fashioned...

Film Count: 75 out of 365


1 comment:

Mike Lippert said...

Blu-Ray is to movies what CDs were to music, too perfect. As much as I love clarity and bright colours I also like scratched and dirty 35mm prints.


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