Friday, April 9, 2010

Afternoon Delight

So I managed to stick 3 of my fingers together, but in the process of decorating my Acting journal for homework, I thought I'd take a snap and share it with my lovely readers. It's yet to be finished but I chose the element of time, using the style of 19th Century old world. Which is a fitting layout considering the entry is for Stanislavsky's Method Acting practices, who liked to draw on memories to aid the projection of character. I found a teeny, tiny 'pocketwatch' button and sprayed some old lace with brown dye to enhance the antique qualities. What do you think?

Also, I'm going on a date tonight with the boy. He's being a little secretive about the restaurant but nevertheless, I've decided to get all dolled up and give myself an excuse to take my new Tony Bianco heels out for a night on the town. Perhaps it had a little something to do with watching Pretty Woman earlier.

Film Count: 9 out of 365



carly said...

<3 re-purposed lace.

April Skye said...

oh isnt it lovely ?? :)
i heart being crafty!

Micaela said...

it's GORGEOUS!! i heart crafty goddesses, cos i wish i was one ;)

and one can never watch "Pretty Woman" too many times.


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