Monday, April 5, 2010

Snooze Button Appreciation Society

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I am so so so so so tired. Perhaps it's because I was sleepwalking last night and woke up halfway through. The last thing I remember is hopping into bed at 10:30pm, before finding myself sitting up at my computer in another room 90minutes later. Oh dear, what an unsettling thing to have happened. For two reasons really. Firstly, because it's clearly a bizarre thing to do and secondly, I haven't sleptwalked since I was 16. I'm just thankful I wasn't able to log onto Facebook and start writing strange things.

I'm officially over Easter, I cannot look at chocolate for a while. Instead, I've found pleasure in classic songs from The Kinks and The Turtles. Ah. It's time to switch on Milk before my eyelids get too heavy. I must admit I'm curious about Sean Penn's role, as he seems to have sidestepped the usual grimacing wiseguy persona.

Sweet Dreams xx

Film Count: 5 out of 365



A "cheery" disposition said...

Sleeping walking would be scary. I have never actually met anyone who did that but if I did I would be afraid to be alone in case i hurt myself.

Bianca J said...

Woah, sleep Facebooking? I have never heard of that. That would be crazy. I used to sleep walk as a kid and I am so glad it didn't last. You have a delightful blog, thanks so much for dropping by. I was definitely in a music related slump this morning and came across a bunch of new stuff (here and here). I think I will have to become a Tickets and Popcorn follower!

Jessica said...

lovely blog! drop by mine for a visit! <3


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