Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lies Will Set You Free

Did anyone else feel a bit let down by The Invention of Lying? Watching it last night with Jo and baby Ethan was a nice evening spent indoors but we couldn't help but notice it started out great and outlandish then quickly disintegrated into mediocrity. It was almost as if it lost direction halfway through and was simply filling time until the credits rolled. I hoped for a refreshing take on the typical comedies but I simply wasn't feeling it. Honest.

Film Count: 28 out of 365


1 comment:

Vancetastic said...

My complaints:

1) Gervais has a weird obsession with making his characters be much nicer than they should be. Even when he's spinning these outrageous lies about religion, he doesn't have that wicked glint in his eye that you hope he'd have. He wants to be too much the conventional hero.

2) Jennifer Garner's character had the reverse problem -- she needed to be more likable, but was almost impossible to like. I found myself rooting for them not to get together.


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