Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ride the Whirlwind

I spent ages trying to decide which film to write about and I simply couldn't decide.

Last nights' 'The Hurricane' starring Denzel Washington and todays Swedish film 'Show Me Love' could not be anymore opposite from one another if they tried. But both were fascinating in the way it deeply explored the psychological states of it's characters and their motives. I was so moved by their performances that it would be depriving their magic if I was to only focus on one.

The Hurricane follows the gruelling true story of famous boxer Rubin 'The Hurricane' Carter who is wrongly accused of murder and sent to life in prison. I cried buckets at the shameless racism his people endured and the life that was stolen from him. Watch and be inspired by Rubin's strength and faith that so few could muster.

Show Me Love is a swedish film following the lives of adolescents struggling to find themselves and their insatiable thirst for chasing their dreams in a claustrophobic town. The characters are mesmirizing, the vouyeristic narrative allowing viewers to absorb their world and the chances they take to be truly happy. It has several major awards under its belt - including Best Foreign Feature.

Film Count: 21 and 22 out of 365


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