Friday, April 30, 2010

At Ease

While driving back home this afternoon, a beautiful orange butterfly smacked into my windscreen and became stuck in the wiper blades. I had no choice but to continue driving along the narrow, windy roads curling around the mountains as I was being severely tailgated by an arrogant driver. I pulled over as soon as I saw a clearing and gently lifted the wipers to rescue my fluttering friend. He hopped onto my hand and stretched his wings, before taking flight high up into the tree tops. I am certain that this butterfly had never experienced real freedom until that moment.

It was a lonely journey through a remote area, with bushland stretching miles into the distance. Not a house, nor a car in any sight for hours. This is why the Australian landscape can be the most scenic one moment, and the most barren the next. It can easily drive you mad.

I think this is why I was reminded of what I watched last night. The first installment of the Band Of Brothers glued me to the screen and compelled me to empathise with the characters in its avant garde approach that bought their world to the viewer in a bold way. David Schwimmer deserves a gold star for breaking free from the 'Friends' mold and showing us a new side of him. However, I've been questioned if this still counts as a movie because even though it exceeded two hours, it's actually part of a mini series. But then again, it's my blog and I'll count it if I want to. :p

Film Count: 29 out of 365


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