Thursday, April 1, 2010

See April Watch. Watch, April, Watch!

After 23 years, being the butt of every April Fool’s joke does get a little old but today I came up with an idea that probably will make you think I’m kidding.

I’ve peacefully come to terms with being a cinephile. Oh how I adore it. I remember my film teacher once told me that people don’t watch enough films. It is one thing to go to the flicks on a rainy day and another to immerse yourself within it’s reality (or illusion) and make it a part of your daily life.

Film is art. It is real life, it is preferred reality, it is imaginative, it is a beautiful escape, it can answer questions, it can ask new ones. It is embedded into our daily rituals so seamlessly that we prefer not to be reminded it is unreal.

I have literally watched thousands of movies but to have life and art coincide in my daily life is a new concept. I believe in watching, writing, researching, discussing, finding and celebrating film everyday. If you adore something, it becomes a part of you to the point where it doesn’t need justification.

Funnily enough, it was from watching a film that kick started my fabulous new adventure. I watched Julie & Julia with Lukey some weeks ago and we thought it was magical. (Oh anything with Meryl Streep always is!) It was a way of life that was consistently inspired so I feel obliged to do the same.

I hereby propose 365 films in 365 days. Simple, right?

I hope you will join me on this exciting adventure aided by daily posts to keep you in tune with what I’m up to and how film no longer is simply a past time but an all time.

Aaaand cut!



the coelacanth said...

Best of luck with this fun venture, April! I tried to do this a couple years ago and failed miserably. I look forward to following along and reading your insights.

April Skye said...

try, try and try again! :) and thankyou for the luck! i may just need it!

April Skye xx


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