Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, I'm In Love

Last night I watched $9.99, an Australian film using incredible stop-motion animation. It follows numerous characters living in the same apartment block as they try to find some stability in their lives. I did throw me a bit at times though, I found it quite hard to follow and more symbolic than literal.

Well, I have finished my essay and the first thing I did to celebrate was I threw on some music and did my happy dance! David Bowie, The Cure, Prince and Queen always make me smile. There’s so many moments that can instantly brighten your day. Like when your favourite song comes on the radio, or you get an unexpected visit from a friend when you’re feeling blue.

What’s made you smile today?

Film Count: 15 out of 365



Owl Loves Panda said...

What a great choice in music! I love a bit of bowie and the cure, really make me want to dance :)

Lisette said...

Thank you!
I follow you now ^^
Do you follow me back?


Jessica said...

I am completely obsessed with the cure! Fell in love with them when i was 10 and my dad gave me their cassette tape, standing on a beach. Got to see them in concert around my 21st birthday, june 6,2008. i was so close to robert by the stage, i cried! it was amazing.

what's made me smile today? seeing all the pretty flowers in bloom outside! <3


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