Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teapots and Ponyo

One of my oldest friends asked me to help her with a project where a functional object needed to be portrayed in the way it was designed. There was an abundance of purple sequined material lying around, erm, for no apparent reason. But it seems to make everything pop, no?

Why have I not watched Ponyo any sooner than yesterday? The lovely Jessica, avid reader of my blog, suggested this one and it's gorgeous! I didn't realise it was by the same chap who did Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away. Miyazaki has a brilliant, beautiful mind.

Film Count: 26 out of 365



Owl Loves Panda said...

"ponyo ponyo little fishy in the sea" Awesome theme song too, have you seen my neighbour Totoro? it's my fave Studio Ghibli film, really sweet

Absolutely Ladylike said...

What a lovely image...and that teapot is beautiful! Congrats! /I'm obsessed with teapots.../

Hope you're having a great week so far...cheers: Evi


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