Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brown Paper Banquet

No sooner had I arrived home yesterday that I had to quickly change and attend Dan and Kate's housewarming party. Vigne and I made a lightening quick stop by the bottle-o and McDonalds en route to the festivities. Tim accidently on purpose added a whole lot of Gin to my drinks and I was giggly within minutes. And then somewhat sleepy. Long drives and The Changeling will do that do you. I was very touched and saddened by the horrific events that Christine (Angelina Jolie) endured when her only son was kidnapped, and the revolting ways in which the Los Angeles police department dealt with her case. A chilling true story with a melancholy ending, it ultimately triumphs in one woman's relentless search for justice. Another gem by Clint Eastwood.

Film Count: 30 out of 365


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