Saturday, May 8, 2010

All You Need Is Love

Before watching Sex and Lucia last night, I was prepared to see nudity and a sketchy outline of what attempts to be a storyline. And how wrong I was. The dizzying highs and slamming lows of love and lust were portrayed beautifully in this film directed by Julio M├ędem, winning him several awards in 2001. The most interesting concept, however, was the exploration of what was real and what was being told as a story, narrated by Lucia's writer boyfriend, Lorenzo. Struggling to finish his latest novel, he uses moments from his own life and his own fears, some chapters even altering the course of his and Lucia's life upon being shared.

Artistic in the way shots of human interaction were partnered with the underwater world, any sense of fearing the film as a sugar coated two hour porno is disspelled the very moment you witness the first meeting between Lucia and Lorenzo in the cafe. They are driven by the love shared between them in their own little universe. Every character featured is highly vulnerable and reaching out. I sincerley mourned for these people in their endless attempts to find peace and restore equilibrium. Beautiful.

Film Count: 37 out of 365



Anonymous said...

This movie looks so beautiful. You've inspired me to want to watch it... fitz

The Purple Finch said...

Hey there I saw this move a few weeks ago and I agree, it was filmed nicely and the story line was really good considering all the nudity, we got it out because it was set in Spain.

Oh and we watched another movie that was set in Spain it was called Chaotic Ana have you seen this one?


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