Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mr Sandman, Bring Me This Dreamboat

Could this guy get anymore buff? Actually, scratch that, big muscle bound men don't really do it for me and there's already been a mention of Arnie Schwarzenegger on here so that's enough for now. But, boy, Jake Gyllenhaal has filled out nicely from his former pasty Donnie Darko self. And word around the campfire is he did all his own stunts too so he wasn't just sitting pretty.

Tonight my brother, his girlfriend and I hit the cinemas to watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. While I was expecting an influx of slow-motion shots of a shirtless Gyllenhaal (especially in the scene involving a waterfall and the sultry Princess Tamina), I was happily surprised that the film tended to focus more on the actors actually acting! Who would have thought! Infact, I even made a conscious effort (well, most of the time, I get easily distrac... oh shiny) to count how many times Jake graced the screen half naked. And that, my dear readers, is once. At the start. For about 3 seconds.

This flick has some pretty cool fight scenes, the revolving camera angles and latest cinematography technology combining to break the fourth wall and propels viewers into the streets and sands that our hero Dastan finds himself forever charging through. The special effects are pretty incredible - whether it be tumbling buildings or the characters former selves emerging like smoke from the enchanted dagger.

I was excited at the prospect of the films setting (based on the popular video game of the same name) that hasn't been portrayed in since Alaadin. The costumes, locations and settings are diverse and magnificent and the story is fleshed out enough to keep you interested for the two hours. So for what it's worth, check it out before you pigeonhole it along with the numerous other average boom-explosions-action films.

Film Count: 60 out of 365



Tom said...

I'm going to see it for Gemma Arterton. :)

Ricky said...

Wasn't he so much cooler in Donnie Darko?

April Skye said...

Oh icky, who can resist a pasty, paranoid, anguished, malnourished teen? :)
my fave! haha ;)

April Skye xx

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