Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Can't Stop What's Coming

Sometimes Sundays are best spent doing a wonderful amount of nothing and dash of hardly anything… until you realize you have less time to write your essay than you had previously thought. I finally got writing about just how the Vietnam War ignited a new era of filmmaking, altering cinema as we know it today. Since watching some of the films that generated these changes, and spending the week collecting various notes and handy bits of information, it was a fairly quick, almost pleasurable experience! So if you are curious to learn about anything you desire, get amongst the knowledge that surrounds the world and feel inspired. Learn something new and open your mind!

Last night I watched No Country For Old Men. I have seen this previously but it’s no doubt a remarkable story that breaks a few industry rules along the way. Three characters are mysteriously tied to one another. The lead character Llewelyn is distinctly unlikable and later snuffed out, leaving the antagonist stumbling away into a town where we can only guess will be his new playground for murders. A bold move for the Coen brothers. But if winning an Academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay is anything to go by, these two can get away with bending the rules.

Film Count: 46 out of 365


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