Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sealed With A Song

After getting all snuggled in to my new surrounds, I slept the most beautiful sleep and awoke to the loveliest sounds. Did I just rhyme? It wasn't to the jarring beeps of an alarm clock but to the lyrical songs of birds and rain, smattering on the roof. Ah, lovely. Sundays were meant for this.

I wound myself tight in my fluffiest of fluffy dressing gowns, sat beside the heater and watched The Kissing Bandit as I munched on golden raisin bread smothered with melted butter. I have certainly missed pay tv, and MGM was the first channel I selected. It only felt right.

As I lay in a warm daze, I watched the cheeky Frank Sinatra bound across hotels and valley's, impersonating a prestigious Colonel to be granted entry into the governor's mansion to sing songs, make young ladies blush and win the heart of shy Teresa.

Wonderful costumes and a fabulous dance sequence filmed within the confines of a Hollywood set traditional of the golden era, I was transported to a place of following your dreams and throwing caution to the wind.

Film Count : 61 out of 365


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