Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bieber Fever

This is Matthew. One of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. We were trying to give him Justin Bieber hair after discussing our next short film, 'Bieber Fever', which is a horror/mockomentary following the devestating virus that spread to far reaching corners of the earth, causing young girls to run wild. We want to base it on George Romeo's "Night Of The Living Dead" which follows Bieber attempting to escape them.

Today was such a delight that by the time it drew to a close, my face was hurting from laughing so much. I'm probably right in assuming that's a reliable way of telling you had a great day. We discussed more ideas for the film during an unhealthy dinner at McDonalds, amazed at how we are actually able to create these absurd movies as a requirement for our studies. When we said our goodbyes, I drove over to Vigne's for a much needed catchup and to watch Deer Hunter. There is nothing quite like the combination of fabulous friends and amazing cinema to make my day.

I didn't realise how long this film was but we both never found a moment where it dragged. It follows three American men enjoying their young lives before fighting in Vietnam. They are later captured and tortured and when they return home, they are distinctly removed from civilian life, unable to shake the horrors they endured. Robert DeNiro stars as Michael, who continues to wear his uniform in public but feels hollow, stating "I feel alot of distance, I feel far away." Steven (John Savage) hides out in a hospital, begging not to go back to surburban life, pleading "I don't fit!". Nick, played by the remarkable Christopher Walken is deeply psychologically affected and suicidal.

This was released only three years after the close of the Vietnam War, when the public were concerned with how and if their veterans could ever resume normal life. Last night, I saw the explosive Apocalypse Now which, really, deserves a whole post unto itself. Exploring the inner battle aswell as the outer, Coppola thrills the senses with explosive sound and flashes of colour that mirror the insanity gripping the soliders as they edge deeper into the jungle.

Film Count: 41 and 42 out of 365


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Vancetastic said...

What a 1-2 punch of movies.

I am concerned about your pace ... you are really going to have to pack it in near the end of the year.


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