Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Hours

Knowing that the evening would see us wandering in a beer fueled haze, I rugged up and watched the classic Clerks. This masterpiece needs no introductions, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to plug it a little - Hey, it’s the least I could do. A fly-on-the-wall expose of a young men floating aimlessly through life, Dante works behind the counter at the local Grocery Store, dealing with stupid, arrogant customers. His fast talking buddy Randal provides the reality check directionless Dante so desperately needs. They openly discuss topics such as college, work, sex, masturbating and existential possibility of fate versus complete personal control. The commentary on life and the choices people make are eye opening, delivered with punchy humor and wit.

Following this treat, some friends and I ventured to the city to sit at a bar, drink beers and laugh loudly, finally able to catch up together away from the uni gloom. We were out to let off some steam so after revealing he’d put our names down on the guest list, Craig lead us to a club where swing and jazz music filled the air. We watched an amazing burlesque show where the girls wore gorgeous costumes. Everybody was shimmying to the music and I got served vodka from a girl who looked like the pierced junkie from Pulp Fiction. Things got a little blurry but by the time we returned to the streets, I ran into more friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. We were all kind of trashed and talking garbage to one another but I was ecstatic. Everyone was happy and laughing and we were all there and I was totally in love with the world.

Film Count: 53 out of 365


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