Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Street

chicken wings and pasty thighs

It was such a beautiful day that the study session I had planned with the beautiful Roxanne was quickly intercepted with a trip to the park to eat, drink and be merry in the sunshine.
We did get some work done eventually, but it's those small moments that matter. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the looming deadlines for uni so to sit and breathe and be away from the books if only for a short time was heavenly.

Yesterday I watched a film that was released back in 2002, when I was an easily distracted 16year old. And let me just say that Mothman Prophecies sucked then as much as it does now. I swear that at least 80% of the film was wobbling images of Richard Gere's slightly concerned expression flickering in inverted colours that makes me think director Mark Pellington had just discovered Windows Media Maker for the first time and wanted to use every single crude visual effect he could think of.

Film Count: 36 out of 365


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Roxanne said...

that was a pretty swell day..


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