Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear 'Liza

How does one explain to prying neighbours the combination of a bedroom, a camera and a young male dressed as a rubix cube? It was the least of our worries what with having to make 2 films in a short space of time, while it rained might I add. Still, we got it done and I had a blast doing it. Working with incredibly funny and gifted people makes all the difference!

Last night I watched My Fair Lady. I'm all about Audrey Hepburn lately, aren't I? Who could blame me, she's breathtaking. There was so much I enjoyed about this piece. Winning an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1964, I was no doubt intrigued. Not realising it was a musical until the first singing performance, I was hesitant. But it's not cheesy by any means. It's funny, light hearted and features hundreds of brilliant costumes and wonderful settings to bring life to the story of a vulgar tramp who transforms into a perfectly poised aristocrat. Sounds familiar, no? No problem, Hepburn is so wonderful at these Ugly Duckling stories that I could never tire of them.

Film Count: 33 out of 365



Joooo said...

These pictures make me LOL

The Floating Red Couch said...

Rubik's cube costumes rool


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