Monday, May 24, 2010

Dreaming Awake

Phew-wee! I hope you all forgive me on my lateness. It has been one crazy week as I've moved back to my home town to resume working at our family business. This doesn't mean I've forgotten about the challenge though! I'm as dedicated as ever and hope you'll continue to follow despite the delay!

Lunch with Jess was just lovely. She really is one of those beautiful people that never seems to be in a bad mood - and isn't capable of putting you in one either. Despite how stressed, confused and tired we all are, I think it's important to take time out, wind down and catch up with the positive people that surround you. I'm lucky to be able to choose from so many.

That evening, I met up with Vigne where we grabbed some Krispy Kreme and headed over to the cinema to watch the much talked about remake of A Nightmare of Elm Street. I must admit, the original that was released in 1984 is a well respected favourite of mine. A truely frightening concept carried by the iconic Freddy Krueger that was simply mindblowing for its time.

Paying homage to such a film requires alot dedication and respect for the original to carry off the new release. And to be honest, perhaps my stubborn biased self is speaking for me, but I was a little dissapointed. But in saying that, it would imply I had high expectations for an impressive follow up in the first place. I didn't. For one thing, the teenagers that we follow are so bland, boring and dry that I was somewhat relieved when they met their untimely fate with Krueger. Now as we're dealing with a remake following the same storyline and events, I did expect the scare factor to be taken to a whole new level. Again, that was cut short (erm, tacky pun) when I realised all of the films scares rest upon moments of utter silence slammed with explosive bangs or screams. These cheap shots quickly become tiring and even annoying after the first 20 minutes. It was a nice attempt that could have been wonderful. I will say that modern technology produced some magnificent visual effects - especially when confusing the audience by them never quite knowing if and when the characters are actually awake or dreaming. The sound is what stuck out most to me in this flick. Amongst the musical score and sound effects, Freddy's shears were simply spinetingling.

Film Count: 55 out of 365



Vancetastic said...

You're stressing me out with your gradual approach to watching all the movies you need to watch. How are you ever going to get to the 365??

April Skye said...

don't fret Vance :) If you look back to the first post of this challenge, it was on April 1st. My deadline is April 1st, 2011 :)
Glad to see i have your interest! :D

April Skye xx

Vancetastic said...

Ah, good. You seem to be in plenty good shape, then!


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