Friday, May 28, 2010

Why So Serious?

My arms feel like they're about to fall off after lifting so many boxes and furniture. I shouldn't complain though because the moving van containing all of my belongings was driving behind a truck on the freeway that suddenly overturned! Fortunately, nobody was hurt but still, I couldn't help but imagine all my things strewn across the road had their been a collision! Thankfully that was the only hiccup and we all arrived in one piece. I forgot just how cold it gets here so I had to rug up! Brrr!

After getting settled in, I watched A Serious Man by the ever marvellous Coen Brothers. If you're not familiar with their works, I highly recommend you hire out No Country For Old Men and Burn After Reading, especially the latter, which was a huge favourite of mine when I watched it last year. I heard alot of complaints about it because the Coens broke many conventions but they never sacrafice on style or artistic measure. I loved A Serious Man, the film following an adorable, nervous physics professor Larry, complete with tweed suit and coke bottle glasses who even exclaims "Now this is where it gets exciting!" as he completes a gargantuan mathematical equation for his students. His children are lunatics, his couch surfing brother Arthur is a deadbeat, his wife Judy is leaving him and a student is blackmailing him. Effectively building tension in every aspect of his life, audiences watch as Larry quickly begins to unravel and tries desperately to seek advice from local Rabbi's. Did I mention it's set in the 1960's and features swinging music? It's a black comedy at it's finest.

Film Count: 59 out of 365



Anonymous said...

I've been a little iffy on this one. While I love, love, loved Burn After Reading, I just couldn't get excited about this one. It's in my queue though...

April Skye said...

I'm so glad in a way that Burn After Reading contained such high profile actors. It really appealed to a bigger audience who are probably happy to see these people in anything.

Then, slowly, as they grow accustomed to the presence of Clooney and Pitt, they witness the distinct style of the Coen's marked by their skills of taking typical conventions and throwing them out the window.

Okay, okay, you don't have to watch it right now. But promise me you will one day ;)

April Skye xx


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