Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sands of Time

Summer skies at a divine beach was a sweet indulgence following the horrid rain storms of late. Visiting Jono's new house on the coast for drinks and movies was a nice finish to a banal day at Uni. We were on the balcony overlooking glorious waves crashing and whirling. I swear I can still smell the sea breeze if I close my eyes.

We watched Conan the Barbarian and giggled through the eccentric plot and dodgy acting of Arnie Schwarzenegger. All I could think of was a quote by Jake Gyllenhaal stating "It's a sad day when our actors are politicians and our politicians are actors."

Film Count: 57 out of 365



Jake Riley said...

That Gyllenhaal quote is scary true. I just had to pipe up and say it.

April Skye said...

I know right! And i just felt compelled to throw it in there. opened my eyes


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