Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet City

Kleopatra and I went to the Spanish Film Festival in the city. She's an incredibly interesting person. We dined at a little Italian cafe and spoke animatedly about obscure films from early, silent horrors to experimental Australian flicks like "Love and Other Catastrophes" which she highly recommends I watch. She is a walking library of alternative gems so I always lose track of time when we get talking. We walked to the cinema and watched Crab Trap. It was so beautifully shot and artistic. It followed an enigmatic man only known as Mr. Daniel as he wanders through a remote island persistantly looking for a boat. He carries a photograph of himself and a young woman as the only indicator of his background. The film uses real natives as their actors, bringing warmth and a distinct genuine performance that cannot be feigned. Afterwards, Kleo and I went to a bar, drank beer and shared stories.

Film Count: 44 out of 365


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