Thursday, May 6, 2010

John Malkovich As Everyone

This guy seems to crop up in every movie. And if you can't see him, you're not looking hard enough. That sounds like a bad thing, but in actual fact, John Malkovich is one of my favourite actors because of his sheer versatility. Plus he can twist Oreo's without breaking them. Mind blown.

After shooting the 3rd and final short film yesterday, I said my goodbyes to Matt in the editing room, raced to work and then watched Rounders upon arriving home. Good, not great. The narrative was pretty predictable where you could identify exact turning points before they hit the screen but I liked how the ending was not Matt Damon's character obtaining his goal, but rather, the springboard for where he wanted to go in life. The story continued as the credits rolled.

Film Count: 35 out of 365


1 comment:

Ricky said...

I'm not a fan of Matt damon but I enjoyed this one when I saw it some years ago. Malkovich is almost always worth watching.


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