Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is possibly one of the worst photographs in the way of composition and clarity. But it's miles ahead when judged in terms of hilarity.

There's something about McDonalds that brings out your inner child. Especially when there's icecream, cameras and the Beastie Boys playing over the speakers! I laugh everytime I look at it because when it was taken, I was happy to be snapped with the cowering Kleo hiding her sundae stains, as we dined with Matt and Roxanne. We rapped, we laughed, we discussed more outrageous film ideas. We're happy.

Tonight I watched Trees Lounge, a fantastic, offbeat though slightly depressing morbid by Steve Buscemi whose life revolves around the pub of the same name and the monotonous routine his life has adopted because of it. Don't be put off by this subject matter though, it's got alot of heart as Buscemi's character tries desperately to right his wrongs and break the habit that ultimately remains to have a firm hold of him.

Film Count: 56 out of 365


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