Sunday, May 9, 2010

You'd Sell Your Soul For One

Does anyone else remember that very line that got a popular Ford car commercial taken off the air? Some people need to lighten up and learn to take a joke. But looking at their 1972 Gran Torino does make you consider such a deal! Lust! Featuring in the movie of the same name, I watched this Clint Eastwood masterpiece last night following a horridly busy day at work. For me, only a priviledged few films are rewatched and suffice to say, this has made the cut. I seem to appreciate it more each time I see it.

It's not often that a Hollywood blockbuster stars a grizzly 80year old war veteran but Eastwood shows no signs of slowing down in this heavily themed film. With a gripping story rich with symbolism, this features one of the best fleshed-out characters I've seen in a while. Viewers are able to empathise with his lifestyle as they begin to understand the horrors of his past that he has carried with him into an uncomfortable civilian lifestyle, his memories of the Korean War an endless burden upon his shoulders.

Film count: 38 out of 365



Jessica said...

i feel like i'm the only one that hasn't seen gran torino yet. i should make some time to do so! <3

Yojimbo_5 said...

Too many people dismiss this movie without considering it and its place in Eastwood's career. It's only grown in my esteem over the years.

Anonymous said...

Gran Torino is one of my favourite films. It's brillant! - Fitzy

April Skye said...

Jessica, please go see it, it will make you adore his character :) Yojimbo, exactly right! I think it says so much that Clint is still creating at his age :)

linda said...

at university of texas (alma mater) they have an entire course on clint eastwood.

i enjoyed the movie. nice touch on the symbolism of his body positioning at the end...

he makes an endearing grumpy old man.


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